SAVE THE DATE: Live host training event coming September 21, 8:00 PM, EDT

"Hope Trending: A Crash Course on How to Live Without Fear" is a live, global series of presentations with speaker Dwight K. Nelson. Explore how to replace your greatest fears with fresh Hope for a new journey.

The Watch Party Experience

What makes Hope Trending unique is how you interact with the live program. It’s called a “Watch Party.” Hosts may open their home for a private Watch Party with people they invite to keep things cozy and casual. The local church may also host several public groups in order to make Hope Trending available to everyone. Additionally, a public web stream will be made available during the live event for individual viewers who wish to engage with our Interactive Online Watch Party, featuring live chat.

The Program

Hope Trending offers a live 60 minute program, featuring a 20 minute presentation by Dwight K. Nelson. Participate with the live event through social media to connect with other viewers around the world.

Group Discussion

Following the live program, hosts will guide a conversation with the local Watch Party group to make the teaching of the night practical for daily life. Hosts will be provided with resources to facilitate conversation.

Get Involved

What's Next?

Hope Trending is just the beginning of a conversation. Following the series, resources will be provided so groups can dig deeper into the topics presented, while growing the relationships that have been formed in the Watch Parties. It's a natural style to engage with your friends and neighbors, while collectively pursuing a closer relationship with God.