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Hope Trending is all about community. That's why it's so important for you to get involved! Whether it's by hosting a Watch Party, helping lead out in discussion, praying for your group, or just engaging with the conversation via social media, your participation is what makes Hope Trending special and unique. So how do you join in? Here are some things you can do.

Host a Watch Party

The best way to be involved in Hope Trending is through a Watch Party. Each group will watch the live presentation, connect through social media, and discuss in their local group the topics presented. A Watch Party will consist of up to 3 leaders: a Host, a Prayer Coordinator, and a Group Leader. Each of these roles should be filled, however the Host and Group Leader may be the same person.

Hosting a Watch Party is easy!

Choose your venue - Hosts may open their home to keep things cozy and casual. The local church should also host several public groups in order to make Hope Trending available to everyone. Ideally, aim to keep each group no larger than 15 people so that everyone gets a chance to speak.

Register to be a host

Invite your guests - A personal invitation is the most effective way to build a guest list. Use one of our invitations to invite your friends and neighbors! A few days before the event, send your guests a reminder that includes any key information about arriving to, parking at your home, etc.

Ideally, aim to keep each group no larger than 15 people so that everyone gets a chance to speak. This provides an inviting social environment that interacts with a live 60-minute program. It also offers opportunities to dig deeper into the concepts after the program ends.

Create a comfortable space - Hosts should help their guests settle in by providing a comfortable atmosphere. Arrange seating into a semi-circle if possible to facilliate better conversation. Keep the lighting soft. Offer some light snacks and drinks—or ask a few guests to bring something, potluck style.

Join Hope Trending live, October 14-22, 2016